WTG Partners is an advisory and inspection company established by Danish wind turbine experts, through our years in the wind industry we have gained the expertise and network that today enables us to provide market leading solutions.

Our vision is to reduce the risk for owners and operators investing in windpower. We offer technical, commercial, operational inspections

and advisory of the highest quality to owners, investors, potential owners,

banks, insurance companies and other with relations to the wind industry.

WTG Partners' quality management system is verified according to

DNV DS / EN 9001:2008 and is continuously updated.

In our daily work we ensure that:

· risks to individuals or equipment are avoided, that
· all current rules, regulations and relevant standards are complied with, and that
our clients see WTG Partners as a competent and professional partner whose working methods are well-defined and who delivers products
of excellent quality and on time.

We likewise focus on

  • Fulfilling our clients' expectations as defined in contract details or agreements, performing to or above client expectations, as well as on

  • developing and updating staff knowledge and competences on a continuous basis to enhance our products and services.


Havnevej 10 B
8400 Ebeltoft

Christian Holmgaard

cell.: +45 51 52 93 49

Jokum Bendstrup

cell.: +45 20 46 42 36

Peter Holmgaard

Cell.: +45 29 27 34 11

Danvest Energy A/S

Danvest is a world leader in wind-diesel plants (since 1996). Capacities range from 100 kW to 15 MW. These standalone wind-diesel systems are suitable power sources for regional and remote locations

Our innovative Danvest technology brings high wind penetration figures to wind-diesel operations and provides maximal fuel savings. Compared to conventional diesel generators the reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emission is 50 to 85% per year.

​The Danvest system is also capable of operating in combination with solar-energy providing fuel reductions of 40 to 50% per year

We produce and install standardized Danvest Power Boxes that contain our hybrid technology. If applicable we facilitate SPV (BOO) possibilities together with financing partners or operators

Our wind-diesel and solar-diesel products are tailored to meet challenging customer needs around the world. We guarantee continuous and stable power supply according to European standards

We make a difference for our customers and the environment ​ 


Mr. Thomas Qvist VestesenCEO Danvest Group 

phone: +45 36 94 40 86
mobile: +45 51 16 72 75

​Kentec Denmark ApS

​Rosenstien 12

​8800 Viborg

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