​Kent Remme Larsen, who has been working within the wind business

since his graduate as Electrical Engineer in 1983, founded KenTec Denmark ApS in 2001.

Experience obtained during his engagement as both Developing Engineer, Project Manager, Wind and Site specialist and through general Project Development at Vestas A/S of Denmark, let to form the company with the purpose to offer assistance within development of wind projects worldwide.

The clientele is mainly companies that wish to establish themselves as owners or developers of wind energy projects.

Further established companies require assistance during overburdened periods.

KenTec Denmark ApS has always been involved in international Projects, from The Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka to Africa in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and most of the countries in Europe.

The involvement has been through the whole development phases from finding sites with suitable wind potential and available grid connection over the wind and production assessment and arrangement of contracts with the utility Company via Power Purchase Agreement and landowners via Land Lease Agreement.​

​Assistance in financing through Danish and international aid organizations has been performed. Often the outcome is a complete and thorough Feasibility Study with the purpose to reduce risks by highly accurate resource performance and cost analysis.

​Kentec Denmark ApS

​Rosenstien 12

​8800 Viborg

​CVR: 26260477