Desk Study

A financial desk study model reduces the uncertainty in a project before

the development expense accelerates.

The input for a desk study is an assessment of the wind potential given from nearby airports, other wind turbines, site visits with experienced eyes and economical inputs as backbone knowledge for prices for the wind turbines and specially the balance of plant containing the infrastructure as foundations, service roads grid connection through substations and transformers etc.

Feasibility Study

A Feasibility Study is prepared to investigate the viability of a project.

The Feasibility Study can be of various comprehensiveness whether it is to be presented to Investors, to Financing Aids (like Danida) or for internal use of the developing company.

Thus, the Feasibility Study shall highlight the main issues of the Project. Subjects to be covered includes:

Background and context: Brief resumé of the country's energy policy with emphasis on policies for and regulation of the power sector, energy-environment linkages, and the role of renewable energy sources.

Objectives of the project.

Description of the project: Time schedule in terms of key milestones.

Project organization. Wind resources and site conditions. Key figures of the proposed wind farm.

Estimated annual energy output.

Budget, investment, and cash flow figures.

Presentation and comparison of the economic and financial internal rates of return (EIRR, FIRR).

Key assumptions, uncertainties, and risks.

Wind Study

The result of the wind studies will be written reports describing the findings.

These will include an analysis and evaluation of the input data,

estimates of the wind climate at hub height for the turbine positions

(Weibull A- and k-parameters for 12 sectors), and estimates of the gross and net (including wake losses) power production of each turbine and of the entire wind farm.

In addition, suggestions for the position of each turbine will be calculated and possible implications for the modeling accuracy will be evaluated.

An estimate of the overall uncertainty of the results will also be given,

as well as recommendations for any future measurements or assessments.

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