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Questionnaire for desk study for a Wind Power Project.

By returning the following questionnaire KenTec will be able

to prepare the Desk Study.

Please fill in the answers and send it by e-mail.

Wind speed:

Average over the year.

Wind distribution (i.e. frequency of every bin of wind speed. If not known,

Weibull form-factor 2 is assumed.)

If possible, Weibull factors (A and k)

Power Purchase Agreement:

What is the assumed sales price per kWh to the Utility?

Are the utility obligated to buy the electricity?

Is “wheeling” accepted by the utility/grid operators

(i.e. can the project sell directly to consumers paying

a transmission fee or using the grid lines)?


What is the normal interest rate for project loans:


Repayment period:

Requirement for working capital:(If not known 6 months of operation cost is used)

Dept Service Reserve Account: (If not known 6 months of income is used)

Equity/Dept ratio:

Cost of land lease.

Taxes and duties:

Tax rate:

Possible tax holydays:

Depreciation deductible:

Import tax:



Are soil tests on selected WTGs placing performed?

Area and shape of the wind farm. (km2 ?, Flat ?, Hilly ?, Mountains ?)

Requirement for an on site building for switchgear, workshop and control room.

Requirement for fencing.

Estimate the local cost of temporary buildings for office workshop storage

and sanitary service facilities.​


Connection to the high-tension overhead lines: kV

Short Circuit Power at the preferred connection point: MVA

Distance to the HT grid point (in km) where the Short Circuit Power (in MVA)

is at least 10 to 15 times the installed wind power capacity (in MW).

MT voltage for power collection on site. kV


Examine the harbour for landing suitability and crane.

(250T for up to 1MW WTG’s, 400T for 1MW to 1,5MW WTG’s, 800T for 2MW WTG’s).

Examine the roads, possible tunnels and bridges from the harbor to the site.

Distance from the harbor to the site.

Operation and Maintenance:

Length of the Service and Warranty requirement in number of years.

Local operators to be hired of the Operation Company as on-site personnel.

Storage space for the onsite spare parts (to be on site or in nearby warehouse).

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