​A Feasibility Study is prepared to investigate the viability of a project.

The Feasibility Study can be of various comprehensiveness whether it is to be presented to Investors, to Financing or for internal use of the developing company.

A typical Feasibility Study:

The Table of Contents will include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

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1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. The Project
3.1 Background, objectives, and contents

4. Legal Context
4.1 Energy Sector; National and Local Aspects
4.2 National Energy Policy
4.3 IPP Regulations and other applicable Regulatory Framework
4.4 Tariff Structure
4.5 Rights of Land
4.6 Required approvals, licenses etc.

​5. Project Implementation and Organizational Aspects

5.1 Plan of Implementation; Time Schedule
5.2 Organization
5.3 Quotation
5.4 Bid Evaluation
5.5 Execution of works
5.6 O&M
5.7 Training Needs Assessment

6. Technical Aspects
6.1 Wind Resources
6.2 Conditions at the project site
6.3 Technical Description of the Wind Farm

6.4 Annual Energy Production Estimate

7. Environmental Impact and Social Acceptability

8. Financial and Economic Aspects
8.1 Budget and Financing
8.2 Financial Aspects
8.3 Economic Aspects

9. Assumptions, and Risk Analysis

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