Typical development of a Wind Energy Project:

A financial desk study model reduces the uncertainty in a project
before the development expense accelerates.

The input for a desk study is an assessment of the wind potential

given from nearby airports, other wind turbines, site visits with

experienced eyes and economical inputs as backbone

knowledge for prices for the wind turbines and specially the balance

of plant containing the infrastructure as foundations,

service roads grid connection through substations and transformers etc.

An also possibility for developing aid financing as grants or soft loans is investigated.

Should the desk study show a good possibility of a financial viability,

a more through study takes place through a Feasibility Study which requires

establish of on-site meteorological measurements to get as close

to the wind speed and direction as possible, normally combined with long-term measurements from nearby airports or other meteorological stations.

​The wind study takes normally more than 12 months.

During the wind study period a feasibility study is prepared.

Hereunder Land lease, Power Purchase Agreement, Environmental Impact Assessment and Grid studies are inevitable.

Financing models are described and binding quotations for wind turbines and balance of plant are secured.

Upon presentation of the Feasibility Study investors due diligence study of the project takes normally up to 3 months.

Conditional Contracts with suppliers will be secured during this period so the delivery time can be as short as possible.

A normal delivery time from the turbine supplier is another

5 to 6 months + shipment time.

If properly managed the total project time is around

18 to 24 months from start to completion.

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